The fair and constructive technology partnership with the automotive industry and their suppliers is an important idea of our entrepreneurial acting.

Dürr Somac has its core competences in filling, measuring and testing of vehicle systems as well as a worldwide established service network. For our customers and business associates Dürr Somac is an innovative, qualified and reliable partner with a high safety awareness regarding operator, machine and environment. The ambition of Dürr Somac is to strengthen its importance at the market and to offer all employees a solid company basis and attractive prospects.

We develop, produce and sell products of highest quality and according to all valid security regulations. Therefore we concentrate on our core competences in which we have a long experience and in the development of new technologies where we are the leading manufacturer.

Our motivated employees are the key part of the company success of Dürr Somac. Thus we continually advance their commitment and qualification.

As an globally acting company we offer our customers consulting and service by cooperation with local subsidiaries and agencies of the Dürr group. With intensivation of our activities in the developing countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and Southeast Asia we are a global partner of the growing automotive industry. We fulfil tightly focused requirements of the developing markets with the production of filling equipment in Shanghai, China.

Key note
To recognize trends, develop innovative solutions and provide technologies for changed and new legal requirements this is typical for the company Dürr Somac. High quality standards and a high ecological awareness assure a long-life cycle and efficiency of our products. The entrepreneurial acting of our employees constantly guarantees our business success.