A/C Power Adapter

A/C Power AdapterVersion: Straight, 45° or 90°
Fill up to 50.000 air conditioning systems without maintenance of the coupling! Our two-stage clamping coupling has no seals that need to be changed continuously. The separated clamping and valve opening mechanism (2-stage) reduces the amount of remaining refrigerant to 0,1g per filling operation. So you do not just reduce cost but you also help to protect our environment.

Easy to replace: You do not need any tools to change the coupling. Just twist it off and replace it.

Really fast processes: Pneumatically controlled valves in the adapter allow not just a high filling speed of 80-125g/s but also reduce the evacuation time by up to one-third.

You want to improve your productivity? Avoid a simple copy. We offer the original A/C power adapter also with an adaptation kit for filling stations of other manufacturers.