During the filling process the vehicle systems to be filled cannot be determined with measurement technology. Thus we use sensors in the filling station for the necessary checks.

The individual areas of the vehicle systems to be filled are often in different distances to the equipment measurement technology. In case of the introduction of new vehicle types and systems ideal process parameters have to be determined by measurements on different points of the vehicle systems.

We would appreciate to support you regarding the setting and adjustment of your filling stations.

Furthermore we have developed our Dürr Somac Measurement Kit to get you the opportunity to carry out the necessary measurements or a review of the adjusted parameters by yourself.

Vacuum measuring kit
Dürr Somac Measurement Kit

By means of our Measurement Kit you can optimise your process times independently or together with our experts. You can measure either online during running production without any downtimes, outside of the assembly line or in the design and development field. So you can guarantee the ideal filling parameters for the production start-up or under production conditions.

The Measurement Kit consists of the following components:

  • Vacuum and pressure sensors
  • Connecting elements for different vehicle systems
  • Measurement converter
  • Laptop with the corresponding measurement and analysis software