Software upgrades or the extension of your filling equipment to the latest standards enable the flexible adaptation of your filling station to changed general conditions. By means of our upgrades you reach shorter and optimised process times and an increase in productivity.

It is our ambition to keep your filling stations ready for operation as long as possible and as long as it is economically advantageous. We offer different possibilities for the retrofit or replacement of existing equipment components with new advanced parts to extend the life cycle of your filling equipment. Please contact our experts for the corresponding consulting service.

A/C Power Adapter Modification Kit
The air conditioning system is a standard part of almost all vehicle types. The increase of the air conditioning systems to be filled almost hits the limit of your filling stations and exhausts the existing capacities.

A solution for this problem offers the A/C Power Adapter. Modify your existing air conditioning filling adapters to the A/C Power Adapter via the Modification Kit. This is going to reduce your process time for over pressure test, the evacuation as well as for the filling. By means of this optimisation you need less filling stations at the same or even better performance.

Furthermore we offer online tests before you buy the A/C Power Adapter Modification Kit. So you can control the real reduction of process times before the investment.

Parts of an A/C Power Adapter Durr SomacParts of an A/C Power Adapter